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About Us

Ilm User Group is a not-for-profit organization founded in September 2015, we provide a platform where sharing of knowledge between professionals takes place. Our events enable you to network, learn and enhance knowledge at all levels by interacting with your peers and various experts.

We started this user group, focusing initially on Information Technology (IT) but aiming to cover few other fields in couple of years.

Our speakers are driven by passion and believes imparting their hard earned knowledge in user group can be powerful enough to make a difference in people’s professional & personal life.


What is user group?

Refer this link for definition of user group and for more details refer wikipedia.

How are events conducted & how frequent?

We conduct only face-to-face events/seminars at various locations in mumbai but do have plans for instructor-led online sessions. we try to conduct at least 1 event in a month but aiming to conduct 3-4 events per month of each field (IT being one field)

What benefits an attendee can expect?

Attending events on topics which are important to you, Networking among peers & industry experts, access to linkedin group for 24X7 discussions, instructor-led hands-on events, experience unique exercise-based learning environment, get to know new possibilities in career, learn best practices, improve your work effectiveness efficiency & productivity, find how your peers are growing, sessions on how to step-up the career ladders, get influenced from passionate speakers, etc.

Is there any fees to attend events?

Look at events section of this website for upcoming events, there can be a nominal amount depending on type of event and logistics/arrangement required.

How can one volunteer for this user group?

Attend any of our events and get in touch with organizer, speaker or any of our volunteer for details. At a high level, one needs to deliver 15 hours of sessions on topic of expertise within 180 days and keep delivering at least 60 minutes of session within 90 days of last session for retaining volunteer status. Or else you can be guest speaker anytime if don’t need volunteer status.

What are volunteer’s benefits?

With volunteer title there comes great responsibility, volunteers have frequent connect for strategy discussions, they need to review others work, own couple of projects for betterment of ilm user group, help new/aspiring volunteer, contribute (by speaking) in big organization’s priorities by evangelizing their product/service and show your value to the world, event management/co-ordination, responsibility of making others great, etc.

Volunteers gets platform to enhance their presentation & interpersonal skills in a relaxed user-friendly environment, also can sharpen managerial and leadership skills by serving to others; Apart from this they get mentoring from senior industry experts on their professionals aspirations, personal branding, guidance on making next move, improving technical/speaking skills, etc.

Why should I help or partner with ilm user group?

Opportunity to contribute in noble cause, get audience to promote/evangelize something, get speakers to talk on subject of your current priority, get some % of audience seats if topic is of yours or your organization’s interest, etc.